AG Report reveals more Conservative mismanagement

Auditor General Report reveals serious problems with the services Canadians rely on for their safety and security


Today’s report from the Auditor General showed once again how Conservative mismanagement has led to a serious deterioration of the systems Canadians rely on to keep us safe.

“Ensuring our food is safe to eat, ensuring rail ways are safe – these are the basic responsibilities of any government,” said Malcolm Allen (Welland). “Unfortunately, Conservatives have become so mired in scandal, and so focused on their well-connected friends, that they are neglecting their basic responsibilities. Their attempts to cut corners are putting Canadians at risk.”

The Auditor General identified persistent and critical gaps in rail safety oversight, and continuing problems in the food recall system. Ongoing problems managing emergencies on First Nations reserves, as well as alarming gaps in border security, all point to the need for better management to protect the public interest.

The report also confirmed Conservatives haven’t put aside sufficient budget for the National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy and won’t be able to build the ships our military needs.

“It’s a pattern of mismanagement and refusing to take responsibility,” said Nycole Turmel (Hull-Aylmer). “From defence procurement to First Nations reserves, report after report comes out showing how Conservatives just can’t get it right. Instead of taking responsibility for these problems, they blame others. Canadians deserve better.”