Archaic Senate does not reflect today’s Quebec

Failed Conservative candidates don`t reflect Quebec society in the Senate

MONTRÉAL – Canada's Senate does not reflect today’s society and fails to represent the democratic choices of our citizens, another reason why Senate abolition is gaining momentum in Quebec and across the country, according to NDP Leader Tom Mulcair.

“The makeup of the unelected Senate fails to do justice to the fresh and dynamic representation Quebecers chose on May 2, 2011. The old parties have packed the Upper House with their insider friends and failed candidates, ignoring the democratic choices made by the people of Quebec and Canada,” said Mulcair.

While women account for nearly 45% of NDP MPs from Quebec, only 30% of Senators from the province are women. The average age of Quebec Senators is 63, for MPs its 46 years old.

There is one group of Quebecers well represented in the Senate – defeated Conservative candidates makeup almost a quarter of Stephen Harper’s 13 senatorial appointments.  

While Stephen Harper is proroguing Parliament and running away from accountability, NDP Leader Tom Mulcair is on a cross-country tour this week with the message that an unelected Senate filled with insiders and party bagmen has no place in a modern democracy – and it’s time to roll up the red carpet on the Upper Chamber.