Budget 2013: Conservatives should change course and put Canadians first

Budget is an opportunity to start building a fairer, greener, more prosperous Canada

OTTAWA –With our economy continuing to underperform and structural imbalances worsening, NDP Finance Critic Peggy Nash (Parkdale – High Park) is calling on the Conservative government to change course and take action to better protect our economy against global economic volatility.

“Instead of tackling the serious economic challenges facing Canadians, the last Conservative budget attacked essential programs and services like health care and Old Age Security and gutted environmental protections,” said Nash. “Budget 2013 is a chance for the Conservatives to start putting Canadians first, instead of ploughing ahead with an agenda that serves only a well-connected few.”

Nash also pointed out that corporate tax giveaways – a centrepiece of the Conservatives agenda – have failed to encourage economic growth. In fact, since the last budget, Canada’s economy has continued to underperform and GDP growth has failed to even meet the government’s own projections.

“The upcoming budget must address issues that have been ignored by the Conservative government for too long,” said Nash. “Conservatives must act to improve fiscal accountability, end the inappropriate use of omnibus implementation bills and consult with real people before making changes that will affect them.”

Letter from Nash to Flaherty - Budget (2013-02-21).pdf