Conservative inaction harming our economy


15 April 2015



 OTTAWA – Today’s Bank of Canada decision to cut its growth forecast to zero is alarming and more evidence that Conservative inaction is harming Canadian families and communities. 

“Our economy is in a very tough spot: manufacturing sales have slumped for a second straight month in February, most of the jobs created over the last year were part-time and precarious, Toyota is moving the production of the Corolla to Mexico… After a decade of Stephen Harper’s Conservative government, middle class families are working harder but falling further behind,” said NDP Finance Critic, Nathan Cullen (Skeena—Bulkley Valley). 

The NDP has been calling on the government to table a budget for weeks and believes the delays are another by-product of Stephen Harper’s mismanagement and scandals. This political decision is hurting the middle class families that are working harder but falling further behind.

“Tom Mulcair and the NDP have a plan to fix the damage done by Stephen Harper and create good jobs and opportunities for families. This is the time to create good jobs through support small businesses and manufacturing, adopt a $15 federal minimum wage and help parents by making affordable child care available to all Canadians,” concluded Nathan Cullen. 

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