Conservative mismanagement making HRDSC privacy breach worse

Former students were mailed letters that belonged to others

As thousands of former students wonder what happened to their personal information that was lost by HRSDC, we now learn that some letters were sent to the wrong person.

The government’s ad-hockery and irresponsibility on this issue is becoming more and more blatant. Today, we learned that a former student received a letter addressed to another person whose personal information had gone astray.

“The disaster created by the Conservatives is taking on new proportions and is bad news for all those concerned. Not only is the Conservative government refusing to take responsibility for its actions, it is now worsening the situation,” said NDP Privacy Protection spokesperson Charlie Angus.

Personal information, including social insurance numbers for half-a-million student loan recipients was lost in November 2012, and the Conservatives have been scrambling to repair the damage ever since.

“I myself received a letter from the ministry informing me that my personal information had been lost. After such a blunder, you would think the government would want to be more careful…but no. This is a huge breach of trust”, said Berthier – Maskinongé MP, Ruth Ellen Brosseau.