Conservative mismanagement of Temporary Foreign Workers Program threatens Canadian jobs

Conservative mismanagement of the temporary foreign workers program is putting Canadian jobs at risk. To protect Canadian jobs, New Democrats are calling for an urgent overhaul of the program.

"The Conservatives keep feigning outrage, but they created the loopholes that allow companies to abuse the Temporary Foreign Worker Program and displace Canadian workers," said NDP Immigration and Citizenship Critic Jinny Sims. "Canadians want to see immediate action to save their jobs."

The HD Mining court case over an attempt to bring in 201 temporary foreign workers, emerging reports on banks using temporary foreign workers to outsource Canadian jobs, and newly released data on massive misuse of Accelerated Labour Market Opinions show the depth of Conservative mismanagement of the file.

Nearly 1.4 million Canadians are out of work, and in March alone Canadians lost 54,000 full-time jobs - the biggest drop in four years. Over the past decade the number of temporary foreign workers in Canada has tripled. The Conservatives have also introduced highly controversial reforms to allow businesses to pay Temporary Foreign Workers 15% less than Canadians for the same job.

"The Conservatives are enabling companies to exploit the program and avoid hiring Canadian workers," said NDP Deputy Critic for Immigration Sadia Groguhé. "The point of the program is to complement Canadian workers, not substitute them. It's time for the Minister to take responsibility and close the loopholes that threaten Canadian jobs."