Conservatives cut EI benefits as unemployment climbs

A significant drop in the number of people receiving Employment Insurance benefits, even as unemployment rises, shows that Conservative EI cuts are taking their toll, according to the NDP.

“The Conservatives are cutting more and more people off EI benefits even as the need is growing,” said NDP critic for Employment Insurance Robert Aubin (Trois-Rivières). “The EI system is supposed to help workers in their time of need, but Conservative cuts mean far too many Canadians are losing access to that support.”

Figures released today by Statistics Canada show that 12,000 fewer people received EI benefits in May—the largest drop in nearly two years. At the same time, Labour Force Survey numbers show unemployment increased by more than 15,000 in May and by a further 26,000 in June.

“New Democrats will continue to fight alongside workers to reverse the reckless Conservative cuts that are taking such a toll on our regional economy and on families,” added NDP deputy critic for Employment Insurance Robert Chisholm (Dartmouth–Cole Harbour).