Conservatives leave homeless behind

Conservative delays and mismanagement froze $16 million in vital government funding, showing once again the government’s lack of commitment to fight homelessness.

“The fight against homelessness is clearly not a priority for the Conservative government. Not only have they reduced the budget but they also left millions of dollars in funding to combat homelessness sitting in government coffers,” said NDP Housing Critic Marjolaine Boutin-Sweet (Hochelaga).

Funding for the Homelessness Partnership Strategy is aimed at preventing and reducing homelessness across the country through various approaches. Even before this latest funding freeze, the government cut the strategy's budget and changed its mandate last spring.

“Unfortunately, needs are growing—even if they refuse to see it. It’s unfair to make the homeless pay for the Conservatives’ mismanagement. The minister must ensure that this funding is released to support organizations that offer frontline services,” added Boutin-Sweet.