Conservatives must defend Canada’s beef industry

OTTAWA – The clock has run out on an unfair trade barrier that puts Canada’s beef industry at risk – and New Democrats are demanding strong action from the government in response.

Today’s decision by the United States Country of Origin Labelling (COOL) proves that the federal government has not been successful in standing up for Canadian beef producers. The United States had the opportunity to treat Canadian producers fairly, but they have not done so.

“New Democrats believe that fair, robust trade rules are critical to the success of our industries,” said NDP Trade critic Don Davies (Vancouver Kingsway). “The government must step up and protect these important sectors.”

NDP Agriculture critic, Malcolm Allen (Welland), noted that the beef industry is a key industry in Canada that is being harmed by this US policy.

“This unfair policy is costing hard-working beef producers $150 million per year,” said Allen. “The WTO ruling has established that this policy is not about food safety or consumer choice. This is not about domestic food security, but is a protectionist measure designed to block north-south trade.”