Conservatives must respect Quebec’s place in the Supreme Court

Quebec needs full representation on the Supreme Court

New Democrats are urging the Conservatives to respect Quebec’s Constitutional rights regarding Supreme Court nominations and have submitted a motion for unanimous consent that reaffirms the government’s responsibilities.

The Conservatives have allowed Justice Nadon’s appointment to devolve into a fiasco. The Supreme Court of Canada is the highest court in the land, and must be a source of unity for all Canadians – but instead of consulting Quebec to resolve the situation, the Minister has chosen to bring in back door changes to the laws surrounding Supreme Court nominations,” said NDP Justice critic Françoise Boivin (Gatineau). “The Conservatives need to change course and adopt this motion unanimously.”

Boivin’s motion reads:

  • “That the Supreme Court Act gives Quebec three judges to the Supreme Court and that they must be chosen from among Quebec Court of Appeal judges or Quebec Superior Court judges or from current members of the Quebec Bar;
  • that this constitutional guarantee protects Quebec’s uniqueness and civil law tradition and cannot be altered or modified in any way without the consent of the Quebec National Assembly;
  • that the Canadian government recognizes the historic position of Quebec according to which three Quebec Supreme Court judges must be chosen from among candidates recommended by the Quebec Procurer General to the federal government; and
  • that the Supreme Court must have three judges from Quebec to hear major cases for Quebec.”