Conservatives not telling the full story on job numbers

Jobs becoming more precarious and youth remain out of work on Stephen Harper’s watch


OTTAWA — Although Statistics Canada announced an increase in job creation this month, the Canadian economy is continuing to underperform. Under Stephen Harper’s failed economic plan, 308,000 Canadians have joined the ranks of the unemployed.

“While 59,000 jobs were created last month, over 70% of this growth occurred in part-time employment,” explained NDP Finance Critic, Peggy Nash (Parkdale—High Park). “Over the last six months, Canada’s economy has been barely chugging along and Canadians are starting to seriously worry. They want good, full-time jobs, not unstable, sporadic work.”

Worse still, Canada’s youth continue to fall behind as their unemployment rate sits at 14.1%, double the national average.

“Since the recession, over 280,000 young Canadians have lost their jobs and only a small handful of those jobs have been recovered,” added NDP Employment and Social Development Critic, Jinny Sims (Newton—North Delta). “Even worse, the labour market this month left youth behind. 46,000 youth jobs disappeared in July and only 5000 were created in August. ”