Conservatives recklessly cutting programs that work for Canadians

In spite of what Stephen Harper’s Conservatives say, the Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO) is clear in his latest report: the federal government is recklessly cutting programs regardless of how well they work.

“Not only did the PBO find no relationship between a department’s performance and its budget growth, but he found evidence that important financial resources are being taken away from successful programs and transferred to “low-performing” programs,” explained Official Opposition Treasury Board critic, Mathieu Ravignat (Pontiac). “Once again, Canadians are paying the price for the Conservatives’ mismanagement.”

According to the PBO’s latest analysis, since 2010-2011, the government has met less than half of its performance objectives. Furthermore, it was impossible to measure performance data across programs, as two-thirds of government affairs programs did not provide any data.

“For a party who campaigned on fiscal management, they sure are have a hard time competently managing public funds,” added Ravignat. “It’s just another example of their absolute disregard for data, science and evidence. New Democrats believe government should make evidence-based decisions, investing in programs that work and sending unsuccessful ones back to the drawing board.”