Conservatives refuse to lower credit card fees


June 17, 2015



OTTAWA – The Conservatives this after-noon defeated Motion M-574 to reduce the transaction fees charged to merchants. Alain Giguère, MP for Marc-Aurèle-Fortin and the motion’s sponsor, issued the following statement: 

“Today, the Harper government has once again turned its back on our businesses, our job creators. The Conservatives’ strategy to let credit card companies do whatever they like is not working. 

“At a time when Canadian SMEs are paying the highest credit card transaction fees in the world, we must following the example of Australia and the European Union and reduce these fees. 

“This motion was an opportunity to extend a helping hand to our businesses so that they have a greater ability to grow and create jobs. It could have become a legislative tool to limit the outrageous fees that credit companies charge merchants and that get passed along to consumers. 

“The NDP realizes that the current situation causes a significant loss of revenue for merchants. In 2012, retailers paid $832 million in credit card fees. 

“Since Motion M-574 was tabled last winter, a large number of stakeholders have voiced their support, including the Association des marchands dépanneurs et épiciers du Québec, the Canadian Convenience Stores Association and Restaurants Canada. 

“Although this motion has been defeated, the New Democrats will continue to fight for our merchants.” 

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