Environment Commissioner’s Report: another Conservative failure

Harper government inaction putting species at risk

OTTAWA – In the wake of the Environment Commissioner’s latest report New Democrats are slamming the Conservatives’ failure to protect at-risk species and Canada’s biodiversity. 

“This report shows total mismanagement of this file. There is no excuse for their systemic failures and delays in protecting species at risk,” said NDP Environment critic Megan Leslie (Halifax). “From scientific capacity to species at risk to protected areas, the government has failed completely.”

The longer it takes to identify critical habitats, the more vulnerable a species becomes. This report is a call to action. The Conservatives must change course immediately, or risk the future health of ecosystems and economies across the country.

“In addition to Canada not meeting its international commitments under the Convention on Biological Diversity, the report reveals that the Conservatives have cut scientific capacity and compromised Environment Canada’s ability to properly implement management plans,” said NDP Deputy Environment critic François Choquette (Drummond). “The Conservatives simply don’t understand that protecting the environment is not a luxury, it is essential to our survival.”