Have you seen this MP?

Opposition House Leader Peter Julian (Burnaby-New Westminster) is urging Canadians to join in the search for Liberal and Conservative MPs who have been missing their shifts at work in Ottawa.

“Since the evening sittings began this week, Liberal and Conservatives have been missing their speaking shifts in the House of Commons at an alarming rate,” said Julian. “Twenty-two Conservatives have missed their shifts, and the Liberals have missed more than half of theirs. Frankly, I’m worried.”

Julian suggests that Canadians join the teams in search of their local MPs by scouring the golf courses, cigar lounges and Challenger-jet waiting areas.

Liberals and Conservative MPs joined forces on Tuesday to temporarily re-write the Standing Orders to extend House sittings until midnight, but simultaneously ensuring that cabinet Ministers and Liberal MPs could punch out for the day in time to join the Ottawa cocktail circuit without the inconvenience of ‘voting’ at any point after 3:30pm.

“We’re calling on Canadians to help locate missing Conservative and Liberal MPs,” Julian said. “In the meantime, New Democrats will be hard at work in the House of Commons….covering their shifts.”