In the midst of a tempest, Conservatives keep offering backroom deals

During Question Period Friday, Conservatives kept playing the victim when it came to the Senate-PMO scandal – as if they hadn’t initially defended these senators. As if it wasn’t their Senators ripping off taxpayers and their prime minister’s office who tried to orchestrate a cover up.

“I would call on them [the opposition] to work with us to make sure that the suspension vote in the Senate passes immediately.” – Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister Paul Calandra, House of Commons, October 25th, 2013

Well, Conservatives should have sent the memo to Conservative Leader in the Senate, Claude Carignan, because in the middle of all these backroom expense scandals, he apparently decided that the best thing to do was to offer another backroom deal this morning, this time to embattled senator Patrick Brazeau.

“I was outside the chamber in the back, and the Leader of the Senate, the Leader of the government in the Senate took me aside. And I'll be very careful about my words here, but I was essentially offered a backroom deal. And the back room deal was that if I stood in this chamber, apologized to Canadians, and took responsibility for my actions, that my punishment would be lesser than what has been proposed by the leader of the government and Senate motion. “ – Patrick Brazeau, Senate, October, 25 2013

It seems Conservatives didn’t learn much from the debacle of the Mike Duffy attempted cover-up.

But this is the culture in Stephen Harper’s Ottawa – lies, doublespeak, and shady backroom deals.   

Canadians deserve better –they deserve the truth.