Kangaroo court strikes again

The NDP’s  House Leader Peter Julian, made the following statement on the BOIE’s decision:

“Today, the Board of Internal economy continued to operate like a kangaroo court and continued its vendetta against members of the Official Opposition.

“This spring, after House of Commons administration concluded that the NDP had followed the rules, Conservatives and Liberals joined forces in order to change those rules and accuse the NDP retroactively of breaking them.  These decisions were made behind closed doors – far from media and public scrutiny – and without any regard for fundamental justice or the rule of law. Several MPs were retroactively found guilty, without any knowledge of the nature of the charges being brought against them or any opportunity to defend themselves.

“Let’s be clear: no public funds were spent inappropriately and employees at our regional offices were doing exclusively parliamentary work. The administration has no choice but to acknowledge that, like millions of Canadians, our employees were working remotely for our Quebec MPs out of the Montreal office. Of course, this was authorized by the House of Commons administration.

“Now the Board of Internal Economy is again claiming that the NDP used parliamentary funds inappropriately, without providing any tangible proof. This partisan attack will only further suffocate the OLO’s financial capacity and prevent elected officials from carrying out their parliamentary work, including holding the Conservative government to account for its multiple scandals.

“Liberals and Conservatives are once again hiding behind the veil of this outdated board in order to retroactively change the rules and overwhelm us with an excessively large bill. Their goal is clear: they do not seek justice, but are instead trying to weaken the New Democratic Party and prevent it for doing its work on behalf of Canadians. Meanwhile, the Conservatives have granted themselves significant budget hikes for the satellite regional departmental offices of the Harper government.

“This latest partisan attack was particularly vicious. The Liberals have joined forces with the Conservatives to attack honest employees who have done nothing wrong. They simply worked for NDP MPs. These two parties deliberately chose to tarnish the reputation of outstanding parliamentary staff, who now find themselves in limbo and at risk of losing their jobs.

“The NDP will take the time to analyze this decision and evaluate our options before deciding on the next step.”