Liberals and Conservatives embrace Senate-style self-policing

The NDP rejects the majority report of the Procedure and House Affairs Committee which states that the current level of disclosure is “sufficient for the transparency and accountability of the House of Commons”.

“Liberals and Conservatives both seem happy with the current Senate-style self-policing,” said NDP Caucus Chair Peter Julian, after tabling the NDP’s dissenting report in the House. “But Canadians are tired of secrecy, entitlement and backroom deals. Liberals and Conservatives will use smoke and mirrors and band-aid solutions to try and deflect the attention from the only real solution, which is an independent oversight body.”

An NDP motion that was adopted unanimously by all parties in the House on June 18, 2013 and reaffirmed on October 21, 2013 instructed the Procedure and House Affairs Committee (PROC) to conduct hearings with a view to replace the secretive Board of Internal Economy (BOIE). Against the Auditor General’s supportive recommendations, the Committee’s Liberal and Conservative members concluded that the status quo is adequate.

“Canadians want to fix Ottawa. The NDP is the only party actually trying to do just that”, said Julian.