More oversight needed to keep our food supply safe

OTTAWA – The Official Opposition is calling for more front-line inspectors to combat label fraud and to ensure food safety in processing plants, better oversight to ensure that imported food meets the same standards as domestic products and an end to food producers regulating themselves.

“Problems with our food safety system are a direct result of Conservative incompetence and Canadians are now paying the price,” said Official Opposition Agriculture critic Malcolm Allen (Welland). “There are many ways to keep the Canadian food supply safe. Cutting staff, like the Conservatives are doing, isn’t one of them.”

The Conservatives have already slashed $56.1 million dollars from the CFIA. The most recent cuts mean an additional 308 people, many of whom are food inspectors, will lose their jobs.

“The Federal government has a direct responsibility for food safety, and should be vigilant in protecting our public safety,” said Official Opposition deputy Agriculture critic, Ruth Ellen Brosseau (Berthier – Maskinongé). “When will the Conservatives take this issue seriously? What will it take for them to make this a priority - another outbreak?”