More transparency needed from Conservatives after CRA data breach

With 900 Canadians’ personal information stolen from Canada Revenue Agency’s (CRA) website due to the Heartbleed security breach, the NDP is calling on the Conservatives start providing answers to Canadians. 

“It’s been a week now and the Conservatives have failed to provide Canadians with basic information, like what kind of data the hackers accessed, what their plan is to protect people who filed their taxes online, and how they will ensure that this does not happen again,” said NDP National Revenue critic Murray Rankin (Victoria). “This is not the first security breach with the CRA and this lack of transparency simply isn’t good enough.”

In 2011 it was revealed that a CRA employee had snooped in the personal files of hundreds of Canadians, accessing over 37,000 emails and nearly 800 documents. Just four years ago, a CRA employee lost a laptop with 2,700 Canadians’ tax information.