NDP gets Conservatives to commit to supporting Canada's cheese industry

The motion tabled by the critic for Agriculture, Ruth Ellen Brosseau, has been passed by the House of Commons

OTTAWA -- Official Opposition critic for Agriculture, Ruth Ellen Brosseau (Berthier-Maskinongé) is thrilled that her motion, which seeks to mitigate the negative impacts of the Canada-European Union Trade Agreement on the dairy and cheese producers of Canada, was passed on Wednesday by the House of Commons.

­”Finally, the federal government has officially committed to upholding its promise of providing adequate compensation for the cheese producers who may be adversely affected by the ratification of the trade agreement between Canada and the EU. This vote is very meaningful and is excellent news for the industry,” said Brosseau.

The MP for Berthier-Maskinongé had tabled the motion M-496 in support of dairy and cheese producers on May 22. It was passed today.

“The Conservatives made the right decision in supporting my motion. Throughout the whole process, they showed themselves to be quite open, so I was very optimistic that we would succeed in offering guarantees for our dairy and cheese producers. We were able to move beyond partisan politics and work together to protect our people from the new European cheese market.”

Last fall, many cheese producers from all over Canada -- especially from Quebec -- became worried when the Conservatives announced with great fanfare that they had signed a free trade agreement with the European Union.