NDP MPs push for mandatory truck sideguards

In the wake of new cyclist deaths, NDP Transport critic Hoang Mai (Brossard-La Prairie) and Deputy Transport critic Matthew Kellway (Beaches-East York) will be reintroducing former MP Olivia Chow’s mandatory truck sideguard bill in the House of Commons.

“Recent truck related cyclist fatalities in Montreal are tragic examples of why our laws need to be updated,” explained Mai. “We need to recommit ourselves to making pedestrian and cyclist safety a top priority; to prevent anymore unnecessary deaths.”

By filling the gap between the wheels of a truck, sideguards prevent cyclists from being crushed under the vehicle’s wheels. This proven safety measure has been in place for several years in Europe.

“For eight years New Democrats have called for mandatory truck sideguards,” said Kellway. "We must find a way to make cycling in Toronto safer. Truck sideguards are part of the solution and it's time to make sideguards the law. We're hoping all parties will support us and put an end to these tragic incidents."