NDP REALITY CHECK: Conservative and Liberal “Payback” at the Board of Internal Economy

Yesterday saw the return of the Conservative-Liberal Kangaroo Court coalition, sometimes known as the secretive Board of internal Economy, and John Duncan once again gleefully declaring the NDP would have to pay back money because they broke all the rules.

Of course, that’s not the case.

The Board’s statement noted that it couldn’t conclude any non-parliamentary work was done by parliamentary staff.  Because there wasn’t.

Duncan also described the office in Montreal as “an office that was not authorized by the member's bylaw” – despite the fact the bylaw in question never banned such an office until after Liberals and Conservatives on the committee changed the rules and conspired behind closed doors to apply these rules after the fact.

But that’s just what you’d expect from the Liberals and Conservatives teaming up together: obfuscation and distortion.

Canadians deserve better.