NDP Reality Check: Prine Minister to Unemployed Canadians '' You Should Be Pleased''


March 30th, 2016


NDP REALITY CHECK: Prime Minister to Unemployed Canadians: "You Should Be Pleased”


Justin Trudeau's message to Canadians impacted by the economic downturn has changed dramatically over the past two months.


On February 3, the Prime Minister told Albertans:


"We campaigned on the need to improve EI so that families facing challenges, people getting laid off right across the country, get better access to more help in a more timely fashion…Nowhere is that clearer that there is a need for than right now and right here in Alberta.”


For good measure, he added:

"Quite frankly, Canadians help other Canadians when they are facing tough times. That's just how Canada works and that's what we're going to do.” (Globe and Mail, February 3)


But yesterday the Prime Minister informed the many, many Canadians left out of the Liberals' changes to EI that they "should be pleased that they are not hit as hard as other parts of the country and indeed the province have been.” (Canadian Press, March 29)


What happened to Canadians helping Canadians, Prime Minister?


 "It is unbelievable that the Prime Minister is telling Canadians hit hard by the economic downturn and struggling with high unemployment that they should be pleased it's not worse. Right now 800,000 unemployed Canadians are getting no help from the Liberal government.  Should they be pleased?  The Prime Minister should live up to his own word by delivering for all Canadians, starting with a universal threshold of 360 hours and extending benefits to all Canadians.” said Niki Ashton, NDP Critic for Employment and Workforce Development.






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