NDP Reality Check: What they're saying about broken liberal promises


Just weeks shy of their one year anniversary, the Liberals have left a trail of disappointed Canadians who thought they were getting change – but instead were served up more of the same.

Here’s just a sample of some of the reactions in the past month alone:

“The federal government’s recent decisions are not the climate leadership millions of Canadians voted for. Instead of speeding up the transition to a low-carbon economy, the federal and B.C. governments are deepening the dependence of Canada’s economy on fossil fuels.” – Environmental Defence, September 28 2016

“This government is siding with employers who use scabs to prolong strikes and lockouts. The Liberals have chosen to uphold a practice that denies workers’ rights to free collective bargaining.” – United Steelworkers National Director Ken Neumann, September 28 2016

“…a policy that in any way condones torture, or worse, creates a market for it and thereby contributes to its use, is a betrayal of our values and our international obligations. In opposition, the Liberals understood that equivocation on torture is wrong. In government, they should put an end to it.” – Toronto Star Editorial, September 21 2016

“[The federal government] is saying, really, in its actions that the government of Canada is above the law and sadly, that First Nations children are below the law, and that should no longer be allowed in this country, not after the residential schools.''– Cindy Blackstock, Executive Director of First Nations Child and Family Caring Society, September 16 2016

“…you can't have it both ways on C-51. Lip service to rights won't do; nor will a carefully circumscribed public discussion. The Liberals voted for the bill's security-skewed values in opposition and they continue to do so every day they don't amend it. Their choice seems ever clearer.” – Toronto Star Editorial, September 30 2016

« On a une ministre de la santé fédérale qui a choisi d'aller de l'avant avec une mesure conservatrice dans un gouvernement qui a dit qu'il allait s'éloigner des conservateurs, qui va procéder à la plus grosse coupure en santé des 15 dernières années » Quebec Health Minister Gaétan Barette, 27 septembre 2016

“It really comes back to building a healthy, respectful relationship with indigenous peoples and we just don't see it happening here in this instance [re Site C dam]. There's indigenous peoples buried throughout that valley so you're disrespecting inherent rights, you're disrespecting treaty rights." AFN National Chief Perry Bellegarde, September 10 2016

As the Liberals prepare to break out the champagne for an anniversary party, it seems for many Canadians, there sure isn’t a lot to celebrate.


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