NDP responds to CFIA’s interim definition of local food

Recommending full consultation from CFIA on definition of local food

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) recently established a temporary definition of local food for labelling purposes, changing the previous definition of 50 km from point of purchase to anywhere in the same province and within 50 km of provincial borders.

“The CFIA must work with the Canadian public and food producers to ensure that we all know where our food comes from,” said NDP Agriculture critic Malcolm Allen (Welland). “This debate shows that Canadians care deeply about where their food comes from – we need a national food strategy to better meet our food security needs.”

The NDP believes that easy access to local food is critical to Canadians’ health and prosperity. The distance that food travels should be reduced and local production should be encouraged as much as possible. However, given Canada’s size and diversity, some foods are best produced in specific regions and promoted across the country.

“A smart approach to labelling will empower Canadians to make informed choices and help us celebrate what Canada has to offer,” said Allen. “Canadian farmers produce some of the best food in the world, and sometimes our own citizens are the last to know.”