NDP to Garneau: Introduce Passenger Bill of Right Now

April 11, 2017


OTTAWA –  NDP MPs Brian Masse M.P. (Windsor West) and Robert Aubin (Trois-Rivières) are calling on the Minister of Transport to introduce the Airline Passenger Bill of Rights before the end of the current session of Parliament. The NDP has long advocated for the rights of air travellers and NDP MPs have previously introduced this type of legislation.

“Yesterday felt a little like Groundhog Day,” said NDP Transport critic, Robert Aubin. “Garneau once again responds to an air travel incident by saying he will introduce an air passengers bill of rights. We have heard this all before. The minister can’t keep rolling out the same talking points over and over. He needs to act,” added Aubin.

Garneau last spoke of his intention to introduce legislation back in November 2016 when speaking to the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montréal. At the time, the minister indicated that bill would be introduced in the coming months. Almost six months later, air travellers are still waiting.  

“Specific action to protect air passengers has been delayed and delayed.  The Liberal government has talked about the issue in the past but we are still waiting for their plan,” said NDP Industry Critic, Brian Masse.  “We need to put the safety and rights of passengers ahead of the interests of airlines and we think Canadians have waited long enough.” 


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