NDP: Too little too late from Conservatives on EI

OTTAWA – The NDP is calling out the Conservatives’ desperate attempt to cover their mismanagement of the Employment Insurance (EI) program by making it more difficult for unemployed Canadians to access the fund.

“The Conservatives and Liberals robbed the EI fund of a $57 billion surplus and left it with an $8 billion deficit. Now they’re trying to clean up their mess on the backs of unemployed Canadians,” said NDP Employment and Social Development critic Jinny Sims (Newton – North Delta).

“Flaherty has the gall to claim he’s doing EI recipients and workers a favour even though drastic Conservative EI reforms mean that fewer Canadians than ever before can access EI benefits,” said Sims.

The Conservatives’ failed economic plan has resulted in thousands of additional unemployed Canadians.

“The Conservatives are once again making a farce of their commitment to an independent EI financing board. Instead they are making premium decisions based on politics and asking unemployed Canadians to pay the real price,” said Sims.