New Democrats call for an independent investigation of the CRA

Time to bring back the special organized crime unit at the CRA

OTTAWA – Official Opposition National Revenue critic Murray Rankin (Victoria) is calling for an independent external investigation of the allegations of widespread corruption at the Canada Revenue Agency and the immediate reinstatement of the special organized crime unit which the Conservatives cut earlier this year.

“Conservatives have been under ongoing intense scrutiny for their mismanagement and underfunding of the CRA,” said Rankin. “But the recent revelation that a CRA cheque for nearly $400,000 was delivered to a notorious Mafia leader, who at the time owed $1.5 million to the CRA, gives rise to very serious concerns of corruption at the CRA.”

Budget cuts to the CRA have resulted in the disbanding of the Special Enforcement Program, an investigating unit focused on the activities of organized crime.

“Instead of going after tax cheats and criminals, Conservative chose to target Canadian charities,” said Rankin. “Conservatives have mismanaged the CRA into a state of crisis that threatens the very integrity of Canada’s tax system. Canadians deserve better.”