New Democrats stand with British Columbians

Conservatives gutted environmental assessment process in lead up to Joint Review Panel

New Democrats stand firmly with British Columbians opposed to the Northern Gateway Pipeline.

“We have been very clear – the Northern Gateway Project puts our jobs and our coastline at risk,” said NDP Energy and Natural Resources Critic Peter Julian (Burnaby – New Westminster).

Conservatives have been pushing this project through by gutting environmental assessment procedures. With the Joint Review Panel’s decision, Cabinet now has 180 days to make a final decision.

“Conservatives have launched an all-out attack on the British Columbians, First Nations and environmental groups who are opposed to this project,” said Julian. “For too long, they’ve swept aside concerns. As Cabinet begins its decision-making process, it’s now time for them to make the interests of British Columbians a priority.”

The Northern Gateway Pipeline would threaten existing industries, and even a modest spill will contaminate this pristine coastline for decades – ravaging tourism and the salmon fishery.