New Democrats take action to boost youth voter participation

Official Opposition deputy critic for Democratic Reform Alexandrine Latendresse (Louis-Saint-Laurent) has introduced a motion at the Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs calling for urgent action to modernize our electoral system to engage more youth to vote:

“That this Committee:

(a) recognize that reports of the Chief Electoral Officer submitted to Parliament from 2010 onward demonstrate that, if Parliament does not modernize our electoral system in order to engage young Canadians, lower and lower percentages of eligible voters will turn out to vote in future federal elections; and as such

(b) conduct a comprehensive study before December 2013 on potential mechanisms to enhance youth electoral engagement in Canada, with the view to implement such changes before the next federal election, including: modernizing the online voter registration system; ensuring there are polling stations on university and college campuses across the country; recruiting and training more youth to act as elections officers; raising awareness about how and where to vote, especially among mobile college and university students; considering an electronic voting system; considering automatic registration; and removing barriers to pre-registering young people at age 16 as prospective voters, in advance of eligibility to vote at age 18.”