New minister can’t erase years of CFIA mismanagement

After years of Conservative mismanagement at the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), cuts to food inspection and the largest food recalls in Canadian history, it will take more than just a change in ministers to restore people’s faith in our food supply.

“Stephen Harper has finally demoted Minister Ritz for his mishandling of this important public safety issue. But we need more than just a change of ministers, we need a change of direction,” said NDP Agriculture critic Malcolm Allen (Welland). “The real test will be whether the new minister acknowledges past Conservative mistakes and presents a plan for fixing the mess the Conservative government has created.”

Under Stephen Harper’s Conservatives, Canada experienced the largest food recall in our country’s history. Conservatives slashed $56.1 million from the CFIA and cut hundreds of food inspector positions.

“Under the Conservatives, the CFIA has been less and less focussed on doing the inspections that are vital for preventing food-borne illnesses,” said NDP Health critic, Libby Davies (Vancouver East). “We know that Canadians deserve better. And we understand that public safety, including a safe food supply, is a key responsibility of government.”