NDP to Garneau: Introduce Passenger Bill of Right Now

NDP Statement on Passover

NPD Statement on the 100th Anniversary of the Battle of Vmy Ridge

NDP Statement on the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

NDP Statement on International Day of la Francophonie

We Must do More to End Violence Against Young Women: NDP

NDP Statement on the Occasion of Nowruz

Upcoming Budget Should Support Small Buisiness: NDP

Trudeau Must Stand Up for Canadians Dependent on U.S. Work: NDP

NDP: Suspend Safe Third Country Agreement to Save Lives

Liberals Refuse to Stand Up for Refugees and Canadians at US Border

Liberals Must Build Fair Economy for All Canadians: NDP

Mulcair Moves to Fast-Track Ambrose's Bill on Sexual Assault

Unesco Report on Wood Buffalo Park an Urgent Call for Action: NDP

NDP Statement on Senator Beyak's Comments Regarding Residential Schools

NDP Statement on International Women's Day

NDP Wins Vote on Tax Fairness

NDP to Hold First Leadership Debate

Petition on Liberal Broken Promise Goes Viral

NDP Demands Full Investigation to Uncover KPMG Affair

Liberals must Address Tax Fairness Now: NDP

Ruth Ellen Brosseau Calls on Minister of Transport to Act on Aerodromes

Liberals Must Be Transparent With Canadians When Security is at Risk

National Drug Plan Would Save Billions

NDP Secures Changes to Strengthen Spy Watchdog Bill

NDP Statement on the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women

Historic Report Lays Out Path to a Fair Voting System

NPD Forces Liberals to Act on Bovine Tuberculosis Crisis

NDP Proposes Fixing Flawed Liberal Bill on CPP

NDP Statement on the Opioid Crisis

It's Time for a Complete Ban on Asbestos

Liberals Should Ban For-Profit Blood Plasma Clinics

Liberals Must Fully Compensate Dairy Farmers for CETA Losses

Liberals Not Respecting Own Process on Electoral Reform

Liberal Oil Spill Response Measures Don't Go Far Enough

Liberal Government Must Reveal Details Surrounging CSIS Ruling

NDP Supports Plan to Reduce Government Energy Use

It's Time to End Veteran Discrimination

Government Must Consider Project Impacts on Indigenous Women

Liberal Privatization Scheme Will Leave Canadians Paying More

NDP Urges Government to Reveal Plan to Protect Good Jobs in Quebec

New Report Links Canadian Mining Compagnies to Violence in Latin America

Motion to Support Volonteer First Responders Marks Anniversary of Tofino Accident

Freeland Must Grab the Opportunity to Fix Ceta

Year End Report Card

NDP Honours Persons Day With Call For Gender Equity in Parliament

NDP Calls on Trudeau to Put Off Harper Health Cuts For One Year

NDP Will Continue to Fight Against Inequality and Food Waste

NDP Blocked From Introducing Motion on Islamophobia

NDP Tables Bill to Regulate Advertising to Children

Liberals Reject Oversight of Canadian Arms Exports

NDP Calls on Government to Act on Nuclear Safety

NDP Introduces National Cycling Strategy

Ruth Ellen Brosseau Receives support of Arash Derambarsh for Her Bill

NDP Calls on Gouvernment to Recognize the Right to Housing

New Democrats Announce National Seniors Strategy

NDP Reality Check: What they're saying about broken liberal promises

Liberals Abandon Workers Across the Country

NDP Proposes Oversight on Arms Sales

NDP Calls on Government to Repeal Ministerial Directive on Torture

NDP Demands Government Respect Workers' Rights

NDP Demands Government Respect Workers' Rights

NDP Tables Bill to Strengthen Rail Safety

NDP Introduces Repeal of Bill C-51

NDP Calls for Federal Leadership on Migrant Workers

NDP Statement on Sudden Resignation of Canada's Chief Statistician

New Democrats Urge Liberal Government to Meet UN Target for International Aid

Canadian Jobs Threatened With no New Softwood Lumber Deal in Sight

NDP Caucus Outline Top Priorities for Fall Session

Ruth Ellen Brosseau Urges Government to Take Action on Food Waste

Liberals Turning a Blind Eye to Foreign Arms Sales

First Nations Students Returning to School With More Broken Promises

Liberal Law C-14 Fails Patients Across Canada

Homa Hoodfar's State of Health: Minister Dion Must Act

Trudeau Must Advocate for Economic and Social Justice With China

Facts and Statistics of Food Waste

Reality Check: How do Liberals REALLY feel about inappropriate spending by Ministers?

Liberal Government Must End Use of Unpaid Internships in the Civil Service

Liberal Government Must Consider the Aging Population in a New Health Accord

NDP Statement Regarding Canada's Vote on Nuclear Disarmament

NDP Statement on Toronto Derailment

NDP MP's and Friends to Attend Jack Layton Memorial

Minister Should Stop Hiding Behind Staff on Phoenix Pay System Failures

Statement by NDP Leader Tom Mulcair on National Acadian Day

Liberals Must Come Clean on Azer Abuction Case

Participate in the Campaign

NDP Calls for Investigation of Jean Charest's Lobbying Activities

Tips and Tricks to Help Reduce Food Waste

Significant Job Losses Require Action to Help Canadian Families

NDP to Introduce Bill to Strengthen Rail Safety

New Democrats Alarmed by Crackdown in Turkey

Emergency Meeting Needed Over Phoenix Pay System Debacle

Trudeau Moving Ahead With Harper's Massive Health Care Cuts.

NDP calls for investigation into nuclear safety allegations.

Statement on the Potential Canada Post Lockout.

NDP Statement on the Court Challenge to C-14.

NDP Selects Chief Electoral Officer for Leadership Race.

NDP Calls for Action on Phoenix to Help Unpaid Employees.

NDP Statement on World Refugee Day.

NDP Proposes Increased Worker Safety.

NDP Calls for Mandatory Labelling of Genetically Modified Foods

NDP: Decriminalize Marijuana Now

NPD Stands Up for Workers, Calls Out Libéral Inaction on Pay System Scandal

NDP Secures Collaborative Process on Electoral Reform

NDP Wins Liberal Support on Democratic Reform

NDP Highlights Supply Management Problems on World Milk Day

MacGregor Bill Limits Election Length, Cracks Down on Big Money.

NDP: Still Time to Honour Small Business Promise.

NDP Encourages Small Businesses to 'Invoice' Liberal Government Over Broken Promise.

Dion Must Demand Badawi Release and Respect for Human Rights

NDP Alarmed as Liberals Approve GM Salmon.

NDP Forces Reversal on Liberal Power Grab.

NDP Outraged as Liberals Take Veterans Back to Court

NDP Welcomes Government Bill to Protect Gender Identity and Gender Expression

NDP Wants to Make it Easier for Family Businesses to be Passed on to Future Generations

NDP Selects Time Frame for Leadership Vote

Liberals Lacking Ambition on International Aid

Radio-Canada, Telefilm Canada, NFB: Where is The Promised Funding?

Liberals Must Split Omnibus Budget to Ensure Proper Study.

Liberals must recognize right to housing

NDP Motion: Liberals Refuse to Protect Our Dairy Producers

AG Report: Mismanagement Putting Lives at Risk

Feminist Scholars Rally Behind Kennedy Stewart's Candidate Gender Equity Act

Day of Mourning: Liberals Must Restore the Right to Refuse Unsafe Work

Human Rights Tribunal Puts Liberals Under Third Party Management

Liberals Consider Star Wars Sequel in Secret Defence Consultations

NDP Reality Check: Liberals Recycled Privatization Schemes Belong in the Trash

NDP: Alberta Needs More Than a Liberal Cabinet Meeting

Liberals Must Fix Indigenous Mental Health Funding Shortfall in Budget

Saganash Tables Bill to Ensure Indigenous Rights

NPD Motion: We Must Protect Our Dairy Producers

NDP Motion: We Must Protect Our Dairy Producers

Liberals Betray Aerospace Workers

Mathyssen Introduces Bills to Support Veterans

Marjolaine Boutin-Sweet Presents Housing Recommendations

Liberal Government Ignoring Warnings, Leaving Farmers Behind On Trade

NDP Reality Check: Prine Minister to Unemployed Canadians '' You Should Be Pleased''

Liberal budget fails indigenous youth and ignores tribunal ruling

NPD reality check: Liberals failing Canadians in need of EI

NPD reality check: Liberals failing Canadians in need of EI

Mulcair: budget a missed opportunity to reduce inequality

NPD Reality check: Liberal Majority Appoints Liberal Majority to Economic Panel

Budget 2016: government must tackle inequality

Food safety is non-negociable

NDP launches campaign to tackle precarious work in millenial generation

NDP calls for study on guaranteed minimum income

Liberals must not break their promise to First Nations youth : NDP

NDP to call Minister to testify at Finance Committee about KPMG tax evasion scheme

NPD calls on Liberals to engage Canadians and pick up the pace on electoral reform

Payment protection program needed for producers, says NDP

NDP statement on International Women's Day

Liberals must close paid-donor blood clinic, say NDP and tainted blood survivors

Liberals refuse to fix broken Employment Insurance system

Liberals must consult First Nations before issuing Site C permits

NDP presents anti-scab bill

Ashton gets employment insurance review underway

NDP calls for balanced gender representation on Crown corporations

NDP reality check: 100 days of missed opportunities

NDP calls on Liberals to stop exploitation of unpaid interns

Immediate action needed on human trafficking and exploitation of women and girls

Liberal plan on deportations looks just like Conservative plan

Mulcair kicks off pre-budget consultation tour in Saskatoon

NDP responds to announcement on military mission

NDP statement on expansion of Canada's military role in Iraq

Mulcair to kick off pre-budget consultation tour in Saskatoon

Access to palliative care should be a right, say New Democrats

NDP: make democratic reform process truly democratic

Nathan Cullen to present proposal on democratic reform

TPP signing sells out Canadian jobs

Adoption of NDP pay equity motion: a step in the right direction to reduce inequalities

Groundhog Day for Auditor General Report

Mulcair to visit La Loche Tuesday

NDP: Time for pay equity is now

NDP to announce Opposition Day motion

Mulcair to attend Hamilton rally in support of steel workers

Liberals use pre-budget survey to fill their data bank

Agriculture: government must take action on concentrated milk protein

Systemic discrimination must end in Canada

NDP reacts to First Nations child welfare ruling

Liberals must enforce Canada Healt Act across country

NDP designates Karl Bélanger as National Director

NDP : Cauliflower should not be a luxury item

PBO: Liberal tax policy fails to fight inequality

Trudeau fails to show leadership for tackling inequality in speech in Davos

NDP statement on Postmedias cuts

Charlie Angus elected National Caucus Chair

On TPP Liberals don't think better is possible

For-profit, paid blood donation scheme must be stopped: NDP

Liberals need to fix family reunification immediately

TPP puts Quebec farms at risk

Nipigon bridge fiasco should be wake up call for north- Angus

Time for federal action on the treatment of concussions in sport

Liberals must fulfill commitment to end bombing mission

Time for urgent action on social housing

Stop single mom's extradition to Georgia

NDP calls for investigation into compensation for failed bidders

House of Commons welcomes Syrian refugees

NPD re-introduces trans rights bill

Government tax cut means nothing to most Canadians

Liberals refuse to reinstate labour-sponsored funds

Government must work to end violence against women

NDP calls on Conflict of Interest Commissioner to investigate Liberal Party

NDP reaction to Liberal Throne Speech

Informations about arrival of Syrian refugees in Canada

NDP pushes for investigation into leaked Auditor General report

NDP disappointed by absence of Agriculture Minister at UPA Congress

Mulcair lays out plan to make COP21 a success

NDP statement on the International Day to End Violence against Women

Liberals must keep their promises

Liberals must push for better deal on TPP

PBO report confirms Stephen Harper's 'Action Plan' isn't working

NDP to be strong federal partner for producers and the ‘family farm’

Tom Mulcair to launch 'new era' of relations with indigenous communities in Canada

Tom Mulcair supports housing cooperatives

Statement by the leader of official opposition on Quebec's national holiday and Saint-Jean-Baptiste

Conservatives refuse to lower credit card fees

The NDP is readu to replace the Conservatives

Tom Mulcair to boost manufacturing and innovation for stronger communities

NDP to restore tax credit for Labour-Sponsored funds

Conservatives ignore Canadians, ram through bill C-51

Canadians are sick of Conservative and Liberal Senate corruption

NDP delivers a plan to fix Nutrition North

NDP statement on the findings of the truth and reconciliation commission

NDP secures victory for consumers on pay-to-pay bank fees

Statement from the NDP on the abolition of the tampon tax

NDP takes action to protect consumers from pay-to-pay bank fees

Tampon tax to be abolished thanks to NDP efforts

Conservatives vote against ending violence against women

The NDP will reinstate door-to-door mail delivery

Conservatives failing Canadians on drugs safety

NDP reacts to the loss of 1,750 more jobs at Bombardier

NDP secures a victory for veterans

NDP secures a victory for women

Liberals must vote against C-51

Fear and cynicism triumph over democracy

Denis Blanchette presents bill to repaint Pont de Quebec

NPD calling for action on Deschamps report

NPD statement on the National Day of Mourning

Auditor General finds more Conservative mismanagement

Isabelle Morin moving up the ranks in NDP Shadow Cabinet

NDP statement on the death of Senator Pierre Claude Nolin

Conservatives fail to protect unpaid interns

NDP statement on Earth Day

Conservatives bend to NDP pressure on protections for interns in budget

Conservative budget stubbornly spends billions on wealthiest few

Conservatives vote against protecting BC coast

NPD calls for emergency debate on wheat board transfer

NDP demands a public review of Cirque du Soleil takeover

NDP statement on Holocaust Memorial Day

Outrageous sale of CWB another slap in the face to Canadian farmers

Conservative inaction harming our economy

PM and cabinet owe 2.7$ million under proposed balanced budget bill

Welcome to Panama Mr. Harper

Statement by the NDP leader on the 98th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge

The Conservatives's death bed conversion to balanced budgets rings hollow

NDP standing up for CBC

Time to renew Canada's commitment to eliminate child poverty

Decision to end home delivery of mail a sham

NDP amendments will kill bill C-51's dangerous provisions

NPD scores a victory for our oceans, lakes and rivers

NDP calls for emergency debate on decline of Arctic sea ice

Pierre Jacob will not seek a second mandate

Statement by the official opposition on International Day of La Francophonie

Scrap income splitting - invest in a stronger middle class

Conservative failures stall economic recovery

NPD urging conservatives to support landmark dementia legislation

Conservatives vote against job creation for the middle class

Partisan funding cuts : the NDP calling for inquiry

Budget must make good jobs the first priority

NDP demands implementation of Fynes inquiry recommendations

Veterans with permanent injuries should not be subject to reviews

NDP promises to clean up conservative mess at Canada Revenue Agency

The NDP calls for the Supreme Court to intervene

NDP critical of Senate attempt to block transgender rights

Mulcair stands up for canadian farmers

The NDP will protect passenger train services

NDP standing up for rights and freedoms

NDP will protect the environment and grow the economy

Protecting Canadians must include protecting freedoms

Conservatives accused of breaking the law to hide the full cost of war in Irak

Conservatives vote against tax break for small business and jobs for the middle class

Harper government needs to reassure consumers and beef exporters

Conservatives need to prevent tax fraud

The Conservative government needs to keep the Mont-Mégantic Observatory open

Mulcair urges Harper to help free Fahmy

Conservatives adopt NDP plan on drug shortages

NDP statement on Eve Adams crossing the floor

Make the economy work for the middle class

Get grain moving now, says NDP MP

NDP motion to end child poverty a victory for all Canadians

Supreme Court ruling a victory for workers

Conservatives vote against the middle class

Tom Mulcair proposes concrete measures to help the middle class

Statement by the NDP official opposition on International Holocaust Remembrance Day

NDP statement on const. David Wynn

Middle class canadians deserve economic leadership

Conservatives make major cut to disaster relief for provinces

First Nations left out of unemployment figures

NPD shadow cabinet ready to fight for the middle class

NDP attending vigils for Raïf Badawi

NDP to restore CBC funding

Conservative failures causing more trouble for canadian economy

Who speaks for the government?

Canada must help stop Boko Harak

Statement from the NDP on the inter-american commission on human rights report on missing and murdered indigenous women in British Columbia

Conservative auto sector promises are too little too late

NDP condemns Russian anti-trans legislation

Conservatives must close copyright law loophole to end false threats: NDP

More job losses under the conservatives

NDP calls for the release of Saudi free speech activist

Statement from Tom Mulcair on Paris terrorist attack

Statement by the official opposition on Stephen Harper's refusal to launch an inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women

NPD asks new veterans affairs minister to change direction

Snap, Crackle, Pink Slips

The big blue propaganda machine

Statement from the official opposition on Stephen Harper's carbon tax

NDP statement on US-Cuba announcement

Stoffer comments on veteran's victory in agent orange case

UN is against applying religious discrimination to refugees

Feds must start working with provinces on economic challenges

The Conservatives say no to a fair elections system

Irene Mathyssen elected as NDP national caucus chair

Another 5 000 farms dissappear under conservatives

The NDP wants to implement a mixed proportional system

Victory for thalidomide victims

NDP urges government to reject Cacouna oil port project

NDP asks the conservatives to boost aid to syrian refugees facing food crisis

Mulcair proposes new measure to ban food advertising directed toward children

No child live in poverty

Liberals and Conservatives attack farmers' rights

NDP urges compensation for thalidomide survivors

Champlain bridge: let's get back to the real issues

Ontario endorses Tom Mulcair's affordable childcare plan

Shameful backlog of cases at social security tribunal

NDP unveils agenda for prosperous, fair and sustainable cities

NDP MP secures support to make rememberance day a national holiday

Conservatives let down consumers and small business

Mulcair draws on hix experience to launch affordable childcare plan

Howard Hampton appointed NDP special advisor for the ring of fire

Energy East pipeline: New Democrats reiterate call for environmental protection and community consultation

Record numbers relying on food banks under conservatives

NDP calls for three major studies at foreign affairs committee

NDP statement on international day for the eradication of poverty

NDP statement on shooting at parliament hill and war memorial

Jean-François Larose betrays the memory of Jack Layton

Conservatives and Liberals abandon belugas

NDP rejects any future oil port project in Gros-Cacouna

Canadian parents deserve affordable childcare

Conservative cuts continuing to take a toll on EI

NDP proud to take part in the 2014 people’s social forum

Conservatives trying to cover-up social security tribunal failures

NDP commits to restoring healthcare funding

New Democrats call for independent investigation of CRA charity audits

Conservatives need to bolster railway safety

Conservatives unfairly fine small businesses

Canadians want a national strategy on seniors’ care

Under attack, StatsCan’s revised numbers show growth of precarious work

Conservatives recklessly cutting programs that work for Canadians

NDP REALITY CHECK: Conservative and Liberal “Payback” at the Board of Internal Economy

Kangaroo court strikes again

Mulcair urges Harper to help bring injured children from Gaza to Canada

Conservatives must respond now to Mount Polley tailings pond disaster

Conservatives shield Russian business elite from sanctions

Toothless sanctions are out of step with Canada’s closest allies

The Liberal Party on European Trade: “At some point though we need to see what it is we’re actually supporting”

NDP calls for special hearings into Conservative crackdown on charities

Statement from NDP on the Canada-EU trade agreement

NDP continues fight against EI changes

Official Opposition statement on Thérèse Casgrain

NDP Women’s Caucus Chair Mylène Freeman (Argenteuil–Papineau–Mirabel) made the following statement on Thérèse Casgrain:

Statement by the NDP on the Status of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) negotiations

Canada must support UN humanitarian efforts in Gaza

Statement by the NDP on the crash of flight AH5017

The Chair of the NDP Quebec Caucus, Robert Aubin (Trois-Rivières), issued the following statement following the crash of flight AH5017, which was carrying 116 passengers, including five Quebecers:

Conservatives cut EI benefits as unemployment climbs

NDP hails CRTC move to examine ‘pay-to-pay’ billing fees

NDP marks opening of the 6th Canadian Francophone Games

New Democrat MPs Françoise Boivin (Gatineau) and Yvon Godin (Acadie—Bathurst) made the following statement on the Canadian Francophone Games, to be held July 23-27 in Gatineau, QC:

Only the NDP provides defence for EI premiums

Conservatives wrong again on Public Service sick leave

21,000 private-sector + 11,900 public-sector jobs lost = Stephen Harper’s Action Plan

Latest jobs report reveals more troubling news for Canada’s job market

NDP asks for more transparency over TPP meetings

Conservatives fail to fix foreign worker job loophole

NDP calls for review of all foreign workers coming into Canada

NDP calls on federal government to save First Nations maternal health program

Summary of session in house: the NDP forces the Conservatives to back down on several key issues

Dedicated work by New Democrats helps protect Canadians’ jobs and right to vote

Risky Conservative pension scheme puts retirement security at risk

NDP gets Conservatives to commit to supporting Canada's cheese industry

The motion tabled by the critic for Agriculture, Ruth Ellen Brosseau, has been passed by the House of Commons

NDP reintroduces Jack Layton’s climate change bill

NDP call for GMO labeling gains momentum, widespread support

New Democrats want BOIE to open its doors

NDP will also table a motion to push for an unbiased examination of all mailing programs

NDP moves against Conservative income splitting scheme

NDP launches pan-Canadian food strategy

New Democrats unveil plan that will strengthen Canada’s food system, from farm to fork

NDP tables bill to establish National Day of the Midwife

Conservatives have failed Seniors

NDP MPs host round table to release National Strategy on Aging

NDP bill aims to protect infrastructure from theft

Bill will ensure clear penalties for copper theft

NDP calls on government to put worker safety first

Have you seen this MP?

NDP condemns cutting of maternal health program for first nations

NDP unveils small business strategy

NDP joins business sector in calling on Conservatives to change course on budget bill

Statement from the Official Opposition on cuts to the public broadcaster

NDP Heritage critic Pierre Nantel (Longueuil-Pierre Boucher) made the following statement after his motion to end cuts to CBC/Radio-Canada was rejected in House:

NDP MPs push for mandatory truck sideguards

Welland MP tables bill to strengthen victims’ rights

Government portal does not meet open-data requirements

NDP MP pushes to make Remembrance Day a statutory holiday

Conservatives pass unfair elections act

NDP celebrates success of "SAVE OUR TRAIN" campaign

Federal money to upgrade the track between Miramichi and Bathurst will save passenger rail services in eastern Canada

Mylène Freeman re-elected Chair of NDP Women's Caucus

Sadia Groguhé will continue to serve as Vice-Chair

NDP defends Women’s right to choose

Our party and caucus’ stance is unequivocal

Ève Péclet elected president of the Young New Democrat Federal Caucus

Conservative cuts to Statscan leave Minister Kenney in the dark

Conservatives vote against bilingual Supreme Court

MP Yvon Godin (Acadie-Bathurst) made the following statement after his bill to make bilingualism mandatory for Supreme Court judges was defeated

Conservatives representing Francophone communities urged to stand up for bilingualism

New Democrat MP Yvon Godin calling on Conservative MPs to support his bill on bilingual Supreme Court judges

Auditor General warns of more Conservative mismanagement

Watchdog reveals lack of planning and accountability on pensions, prisons, First Nations Policing, Census data, Canada Revenue Agency and more

Statement from the NDP at the start of Hunger Awareness Week

NDP critic for Employment and Social Development, Jinny Sims (Newton – North Delta), at the start of Hunger Awareness Week:

New Democrats call for urgent action on antibiotic resistance

Conservatives must protect Canadians from snooping

Conservatives must address Skills Link Program funding delays

NDP asks RCMP for more information on Nigel Wright investigation

Conservatives must shed light on sexual assault in the Canadian Forces

NDP calling on the Minister of National Defence, the Chief of Staff and Judge Advocate General to appear before committee

NDP demand independent review of Canada’s broken Temporary Foreign Worker Program

Conservatives forced to start compromising on Unfair Elections Act

Conservatives undermining public health care

Raitt finally agrees to take DOT-111 cars off the tracks

Conservatives play politics with whales

NDP wants an Open and Transparent Government

NDP urges Minister Poilievre to withdraw the Unfair Elections Act

NDP asks Conservatives to refer the First Nations Education Act to committee

Harper must help secure release of Canadian journalist held in Egypt

Tom Mulcair calls on Conservative MPs to block the Unfair Elections Act

The NDP has launched a campaign to convince backbench MPs to protect Canadians’ right to vote

More transparency needed from Conservatives after CRA data breach

NDP calls on Conservatives to invest in social housing

New Democrats call for emergency debate on Temporary Foreign Worker Program

M-496: Support our dairy and cheese producers

Motion adopted unanimously in the House of Commons on June 18th, 2014

NDP Agriculture critic tables bill to establish National Garden Day

Statement by Official Opposition’s House Leader on Board of Internal Economy’s partisan decision

NDP statement on Quebec Election

NDP welcomes new National Director

Glenn Thibeault elected as NDP National Caucus Chair

Conservatives vote against protecting government resources

Debate starts on palliative and end-of-life care

NDP calling for Sylvie Therrien’s Reinstatement

NDP cleared by Elections Canada

The NDP still fighting to save Canada Post

Conservatives misled Canadians on CPP/QPP

NDP bill to encourage Canadians to buy locally-grown food

Conservatives undermining public health care

NDP continuing its effort to stop the Unfair Elections Act

NDP calls for suspension of military sales with Russia

The NDP places a complaint with the Commissioner of Official Languages

Bilingual CRA positions eliminated

The Government must ensure Canadians safety

NDP launches campaign to support Elections Canada’s youth outreach‎

Conservatives stripping temporary workers of benefits

NDP calls for action on Port of Metro Vancouver strike

Secrecy on South Korean trade deal hurts Canadian industry

NDP seeking justice for Canada’s missing and murdered Indigenous women

NDP MP Glenn Thibeault wants action to protect credit card holders

It’s time for action to reduce food waste: NDP

Mulcair announces pan-Canadian consultations on Unfair Elections Act

Food Waste in Canada

Tax havens must be taken seriously

Ruth Ellen Brosseau tables motion to protect cheese producers

NDP demands urgent help for pyrrhotite crisis

We must protect our family farms

NDP calling for transparency in trade

Conservative do-nothing budget fails to meet the needs of families

NDP defends Canadians’ right to vote

Listen to farmers and take action on grain transportation crisis

PBO debunks conservative attacks on public service employees

Conservatives reject gender equality on crown corporation boards of directors

NDP fighting to maintain rail service in Eastern Canada

NDP budget proposals to make life more affordable

Budget 2014 must honour our veterans and reopen Veterans’ Affairs offices

NDP demands committee meeting on CSEC

NDP launches petition campaign for quality, affordable childcare

NDP moves to cap ATM fees

Keystone XL a bad deal for Canadians

Tarik Brahmi to introduce bill to help veterans

Conservatives failing to protect soldiers’ mental health

NDP will fight to keep door-to-door mail delivery

NDP calls on Conservatives to immediately implement TSB recommendations on Lac-Mégantic

Canadians deserve answers on FATCA

Prime Minister must make soldiers’ mental health needs a priority

Conservatives must abandon plans to deny help to Canadians abroad

There is no second-class Canadian

Pipe bomb incident shines light on airport security screening problems

NDP demands Conservatives condemn repressive Ukrainian law

Strahl scandal shows urgent need for better oversight of Intelligence agency

Government must reinstate Inspector General and launch investigation into activities of the Security Intelligence Review Committee

Conservative ministers obstructed justice for St. Anne Residential school survivors

The Conservatives’ incredible invisible Canada Jobs Grant advertising is breaking all the rules

Conservatives backtrack on rail safety

NDP urges Raitt to start putting the safety of Canadians first

Conservatives failing to create jobs or foster growth

Mulcair urges Prime Minister to act on suicide crisis

Finally, a Conservative MP recognizes the impact of climate change

Will 2014 bring commonsense to Conservative environmental policy?

Conservative-appointee Strahl caught lobbying for pipeline company

Secret U.S. security contract puts Canada at risk: NDP

Conservatives must assure Canadians they are being protected

Statement from the Official Opposition on the Canada v. Bedford decision

New Democrats stand with British Columbians

Conservatives gutted environmental assessment process in lead up to Joint Review Panel

Conservative inaction on climate change hurting provinces

AB premier Alison Redford latest to call out federal inaction on environment

Op-ed: Food Waste in Canada

Conservative Minister Moore must apologize

Conservatives block CPP/QPP expansion

NDP will call for an emergency committee meeting on Canada Post

Reality check: While Conservatives stand with high-paid Canada Post executives, the NDP stands with citizens

Conservatives destroy postal services, drastically raise prices

Canada needs a national plan to deal with dementia

NDP presents petition with 70,000 signatures to support labour funds

Statement by the Official Opposition on National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women

Drug safety bill a step in the right direction

Statement by Official Opposition Leader Tom Mulcair on the death of Nelson Mandela

Conservatives need to take bilingualism seriously

NDP proposes expanding pensions benefits

People have a right to know if they are consuming GMOs: NDP

Mulcair unveils NDP vision for a prosperous and sustainable energy future

Conservatives mislead Canadians by re-announcing old news

Liberals and Conservatives embrace Senate-style self-policing

Last chance for Conservatives to support Global Fund

International Development Critic Hélène Laverdière urges government to commit to increase support, in time for Monday's conference

NDP demands government fix cluster munitions bill

New tool to reduce drinking and driving tragedies

New Democrats put focus on cyberbullying

MPs and ministers must be accountable to Canadians

Conservatives still failing children in poverty

AG Report reveals more Conservative mismanagement

Auditor General Report reveals serious problems with the services Canadians rely on for their safety and security

Auditor General slams federal government on mishandling rail safety

Lack of oversight, inadequate inspections, training after years of de-regulation

First Nations children deserve quality education

Long-serving New Democrat MP Peter Stoffer honoured as Parliamentarian of the year

NDP calls for mandatory disclosure of drug shortages

Bill C-523 would save Canadian health costs and better protect public health

NDP defends small music venues

Statement from the Leader of the Official Opposition on the closure of the Leamington Heinz plant

Defending Canadians’ right to know

Conservatives must act now to fix drug safety system

Statement by Official Opposition Agriculture Critic, Malcolm Allen, on Heinz closure

Conservatives must act on pensions to avoid fiscal crisis

Conservatives failing on skills training

Stephen Harper’s ‘my way or the highway’ approach to provinces hurting Canadians in need of training

Statement by the Leader of the Official Opposition on Remembrance Day

Conservatives leave homeless behind

Official Languages suffer major setbacks under Conservatives

Keystone pipeline equals Canadian job losses

Statement by Official Opposition on Veterans Week

Food bank use higher under Conservatives

Environment Commissioner’s Report: another Conservative failure

Harper government inaction putting species at risk

Conservative cuts have direct impact on veterans and their families

NDP wants a greener Environment Committee

Conservatives vote against transparency in Parliament

Elite Conservatives Ministers have spent more than a third of billion dollars on office expenses -- Here are the top ten big spenders

New Democrats launch campaign to improve quality of continuing care

Conservatives must respect Quebec’s place in the Supreme Court

Quebec needs full representation on the Supreme Court

NDP push for mobile tradepersons’ changes

NDP launches national pensions campaign

NDP launches its Movember Campaign

New Democrats launch national tour to stop violence against women

NDP wants parliamentary oversight of government’s intelligence and security activities

Conservatives vote against transparency in Parliament

Even Stephen Harper can’t follow Stephen Harper’s stories on the Senate-PMO scandal

NDP calls for action on Valcartier’s forgotten Cadets

NDP tables motion to split the budget bill

NDP motion to tackle youth employment adopted

In the midst of a tempest, Conservatives keep offering backroom deals

NDP tables motion to remove appointment of Supreme Court judges from budget bill

Harper’s Dozen: Acting alone ain’t what it used to be

Defeat of NDP motion: Liberals and Conservatives don’t want Senate to change

Updated Department of Finance report continues to show the NDP has the best fiscal record in government

Protect persons living with disabilities from hate crimes

NDP bill to address precarious employment and unpaid internships

Statement by NDP Trade critic Don Davies on the proposed Canada-European Union Trade Agreement

NDP moves to end the abuse of secrecy in committee meetings

Official Opposition Statement on World Food Day

Conservatives have failed to help consumers

Statement by Official Opposition Leader Tom Mulcair on Thanksgiving

Make Parliament more accountable

New minister can’t erase years of CFIA mismanagement

NDP to old line parties: end partisan Senate activity

NDP propose measures to take out partisanship and raise the bar on Senate accountability

Restore Public Appointments Commission and end patronage: NDP

Conservatives promised to end Liberal patronage – instead it’s cronyism as usual in Ottawa

NDP calls on Conservatives to reinstate the long-form census

Experts in economics, urban planning, health and other fields report that flawed data is unusable

New Democrats call for an independent investigation of the CRA

Time to bring back the special organized crime unit at the CRA

New Democrats slam Conservative anti-choice agenda

Inexcusable for Conservatives to exclude war rape victims and child brides from maternal health funding

Grim week for veterans and their families

Conservatives leaving veterans behind

Urgent action needed to end violence against women

Stop allowing domestic gun lobby to set foreign policy

NDP puts forward measures to tackle youth unemployment

NDP pays tribute to seniors

NDP marks Women’s History Month

More oversight needed to keep our food supply safe

Conservatives leaving veterans out in the cold

Most severely disabled soldiers don’t qualify for pensions

NDP working for Canadian consumers

New minister silent on student debt

Stop playing partisan games on climate: NDP

New Conservative Environment minister shamefully chooses partisan attacks over taking action

Canadians paying for Conservative cuts

New PBO report shows Conservatives are downloading their cuts to health care and pensions

NDP urges Flaherty to keep his word and improve the CPP

NDP presents justice priorities for the fall session

More Conservative broken promises on pensions

More Conservative broken promises on pensions

Conservatives offload rail safety responsibility on municipalities

Conservatives cut EI to new historic low

Only 36.5 per cent of unemployed Canadians now qualify for EI

Mulcair demands PBO act to defend MPs' right to financial information

PBO has responsibility to go back to court after Conservatives fail to hand over financial data

National Securities Regulator requires agreement with provinces

We shouldn't be sending kids to school hungry

NDP to take action to protect air travellers

Canada has fallen behind U.S. and Europe in protecting air passengers

A positive, optimistic vision for our country

Speech by Tom Mulcair at the NDP Caucus Strategy Session (Saskatoon)

Conservatives must face student debt crisis

Tuition rates expected to climb 13 per cent over next four years

NDP: Too little too late from Conservatives on EI

Conservatives not telling the full story on job numbers

Jobs becoming more precarious and youth remain out of work on Stephen Harper’s watch

Conservatives must not miss another key opportunity at G20

Time for action on economy and diplomacy

Conservative cuts undermine international climate change talks

MPs must act on NDP’s transparency motion

NDP leader Mulcair asks the Parliamentary Budget Officer for action

Federal government must act to save Experimental Lakes Area

NDP to Conservatives: Bring debate on Syria to Parliament

Archaic Senate does not reflect today’s Quebec

Conservatives more than double taxes on credit unions

Mulcair kicks off the NDP’s Roll up the Red Carpet tour

Access to justice in both official languages must be strengthened

Harper must take action on jobs

Reality Check: Conservatives hiring consultants as a sleight of hand on tariffs

Action on homeless veterans needed now

Highest possible safety and environmental standards needed to ensure benefits of proposed Energy East pipeline

NDP call for justice for St. Anne’s residential school survivors

Conservatives must settle the labour dispute with diplomats, says the NDP

Auditor general agrees to performance audit on Nutrition North Program

Conservatives’ denial of justice unacceptable

Harper failing to work with provinces on health care

Loss of Honey Bee Colonies

Reality Check: Conservatives caught misleading Canadians about EI quotas

Statement from NDP Consumer critic Glenn Thibeault on credit card ruling

Reality Check: Stephen Harper tripped up by his own tangled trap of deceptions

Tom Mulcair urges federal government to help people of Lac-Mégantic

New Democrats demand overdue railway safety solutions

ITC security: smaller firms losing business opportunities under Conservatives

Stephen Harper’s Conservatives caught misleading Canadians

NDP urge Conservatives to rethink problematic trade deal with China

Statement by Official Opposition leader Tom Mulcair on Canada Day

Statement by Official Opposition Leader Tom Mulcair on Quebec’s national holiday

NDP proposes independent oversight for MP expenses

Finance minister must honour commitment to improve retirement security: NDP

Chisholm to table bill in response to Rehtaeh Parsons case

Conservatives kill NDP transparency bill

NDP marks 10th anniversary of same-sex marriage in Canada

House of Commons rallies around NDP’s vision of bilingualism

NDP responds to CFIA’s interim definition of local food

NDP wants Elections Commissioner to investigate regarding questionable donations

New Democrats take action to boost youth voter participation

Conservatives must defend Canada’s beef industry

Police should investigate 90k payment from Harper top aide

Conservatives making it harder for Canadian families to reunite

NDP demands documents on missing $3.1 billion in anti-terrorism funding

Conservatives knew TFWs were taking Canadian jobs

Budget bill, take three: another year, another omnibus bill

Conservative cuts: Toxic anti-inflammatory found in Quebec meat

Government must reject reductions to postal services

NDP Bill on language skills of officers of Parliament moves forward

Canada-China agreement cannot be ratified in current form

NDP condemns deceptive tax hikes

New PBO report shows Conservatives playing shell game with infrastructure

Conservative mismanagement of Temporary Foreign Workers Program threatens Canadian jobs

Conservatives using public funds for partisan purposes

NDP raises alarm bells about trade deficit

Budget 2013: seniors issues ignored

Quebec Rescue Centre: government ready to jeopardize francophones’ safety

NDP to introduce bill to reduce costs for grandparents raising their grandchildren

Austerity for arts and culture ramps up in Budget 2013

Conservatives continue austerity cuts, introduce no new measures to create jobs

PBO report: Conservatives’ crime spending out of touch with reality

Budget 2013: NDP launches "Real things for real people" campaign

NDP calls for Senate abolition

NDP wants to better protect Canadians’ privacy rights

Conservatives continue to attack programs Canadians depend on

Budget 2013: Conservatives should change course and put Canadians first

National inquiry for missing Aboriginal women needed immediately

Conservatives fail to crack down on voter fraud calls

Conservative mismanagement making HRDSC privacy breach worse

Official Opposition tables motion to extend PBO term

Reckless Conservative environmental approach putting Canadian families at risk

NDP welcomes business leaders’ support for infrastructure funding

NDP defends Employment Insurance against Conservative attacks

NDP: a woman’s right to choose must be protected

NDP urges PM to respect principles of UN Declaration on Indigenous Rights

Conservatives Failing Family Farms


QUESTION IN THE HOUSE: Mismanagement of public funds at the G8 summit

Mp For Berthier-Maskinongé Looks Forward To Beginning The Parliamentary Session

Mp Brosseau Speaks To The People Of Berthier–maskinongé On The Occasion Of The Fête Nationale Du Québec

QUESTION IN THE HOUSE: Request for funding for sports education program in Lavaltrie