Reality Check: Stephen Harper tripped up by his own tangled trap of deceptions

It was revealed this week that the Prime Minister’s Office is apparently stonewalling the investigation of the RCMP into the Nigel Wright-Mike Duffy affair by refusing to provide authorities with all relevant emails. But before any subpoenas are issued let’s reflect on the promise Stephen Harper made to Canadians about cooperating with the police.

Behold the Question Period exchange from May 29, 2013 (emphasis added):

Hon. Thomas Mulcair (Leader of the Opposition, NDP): 

Mr. Speaker, yesterday the Prime Minister acknowledged the existence of the email in which Mike Duffy wrote that he stayed silent on the orders of the Prime Minister's Office.   

Who in the Prime Minister's Office has a copy of that email?

Right Hon. Stephen Harper (Prime Minister):

Mr. Speaker, this is an email, I understand, of Mr. Duffy, a former Conservative senator. As we know well, the activities of Mr. Duffy are being looked into by the appropriate authorities. Of course, any and all information we have will be shared with those authorities.

Hon. Thomas Mulcair: 

Mr. Speaker, has the RCMP contacted the Prime Minister's Office to obtain that email or all other documents that it has in relation to this matter?

Right Hon. Stephen Harper: 

Mr. Speaker, to my knowledge we have had no such contact. Of course that would be very different, I understand, than the leader of the NDP who, after 17 years of apparently knowing about the activities of the mayor of Laval, who is now charged with various offences, did not reveal that information to the public and the police until very recently.

Any information we have that is relevant we will reveal immediately.

By not providing their full cooperation, Stephen Harper’s Conservatives are sticking with their MO – impede investigations, evade answering questions and do anything to distract from the fact your government is lurching from ethics scandal to ethics scandal.

Canadians deserve better.