Reality check: While Conservatives stand with high-paid Canada Post executives, the NDP stands with citizens

Yesterday, Canada Post announced its new business plan – cut thousands of jobs, drastically reduce services, and increase postage costs.

This plan to gut postal services – once considered essential by the government – was clearly done with the blessings and support of the Conservatives. But now, both the Conservatives and the Canada Post officials responsible for this decision have gone silent.

Perhaps their silence is not so surprising when we look a little closer at these directors and their generous salaries. According to Canada Post’s 2012 annual report, the company’s directors represent an annual payroll of 10 million dollars .

This includes 23 presidents and vice-presidents each with an average salary of nearly $500,000 .

In contrast, Bombardier, which represents a similar number of unionized employees – about 70,000 – has a team of only 15 presidents and vice-presidents.

So when the $10 million team of presidents and vice-presidents gathered to discuss cost savings at Canada Post what did they come up with? Reducing management costs?

No, they decided to get rid of 8000 workers, end home delivery and raise the postage costs by over 30%.

So while Conservatives stand with rich insiders and highly paid Canada Post executives, the NDP will defend taxpayers, rank and file workers and those – like seniors, people with disabilities and those with reduced mobility – who greatly depend on postal services.

Canadians deserve better.