Ruth Ellen Brosseau Calls on Minister of Transport to Act on Aerodromes


March 1, 2017 


SAINT-CUTHBERT – Federal Member of Parliament Ruth Ellen Brosseau (Berthier-Maskinongé) held a press conference this morning with the Mayor of Saint-Cuthbert, Mr. Bruno Vadnais, Member of Parliament for Trois-Rivières and NDP Transport Critic Robert Aubin, President of the Regional Environmental Council of Lanaudière (CREL), Ms. Hélène Riberdy, and the President of the UPA d’Autray union, Mr. Michel Désy. They called on the Minister of Transport to change the process of setting up airfields in order to ensure social licence of these projects. Currently, it is clear that the Saint-Cuthbert, Terrebonne and Neuville aerodrome projects do not seem to receive unanimous support among the population. 

“Today, in addition to denouncing decisions taken on aerodromes, I call on the Minister to intervene with a ministerial directive and for him to also require consultations by an independent third party,” said Brosseau. “I am also proposing a solution by introducing a Bill in the House soon after my return.” 

In addition to elected officials, stakeholders and organizations in the environmental and agricultural field share concerns of the impacts of these projects on the environment, respect for municipal land use and the lack of social licence in these areas. 

“In 2017 we should not have the right to harm the environment to build airfields,” said Ms. Riberdy. “That is why CREL would like to support Ms. Brosseau’s bill, which goes hand in hand with the position of our organization.” 

“From an agricultural point of view, it is insane that under federal provisions, developers can take advantage of this situation to encroach wildly and unreservedly on the best farmland in Quebec,” said Mr. Désy. “In addition to the loss of arable land, all agricultural activities in the area will be weakened.” 

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