Statement from the NDP at the start of Hunger Awareness Week

NDP critic for Employment and Social Development, Jinny Sims (Newton – North Delta), at the start of Hunger Awareness Week:

“Today marks the start of Hunger Awareness Week.  And I will fast today, in solidarity with dedicated food bank volunteers and staff, and in support of Canadians for whom hunger is a daily reality.

Hunger is a significant problem in our country. Each month, close to 850,000 Canadians are assisted by food banks, and more than a third of those are children.

In a country as wealthy as Canada, there is no excuse for letting our most vulnerable citizens go hungry. Hunger can be solved by addressing the root of the problem, which is poverty.

The federal government needs to do more to help Canadians families who live in poverty and especially those living in northern communities.

On this occasion, I urge the Conservative government to acknowledge the urgency of the matter—and commit to a National Poverty Elimination Strategy. Because even one hungry Canadian is one too many.”