Stop playing partisan games on climate: NDP

New Conservative Environment minister shamefully chooses partisan attacks over taking action

OTTAWA – Instead of taking action to combat climate change, the Conservatives’ new environment minister used the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report to launch partisan attacks against the NDP.

“I think Canadians are simply embarrassed when they see ministers using government resources to launch these kinds of partisan attacks. Minister Aglukkaq's seems more focussed on attacking the NDP than addressing the very real science in the IPCC report,” said Official Opposition Environment critic Megan Leslie (Halifax).

The IPCC reported a significantly increased certainty that climate change is caused by human activity and called on countries around the world to take immediate, aggressive action to curb greenhouse gas emissions.

“This report should be a call to action for one of the greatest environmental challenges of our generation–not the basis for Conservative attacks on non-existent NDP policies,” said Leslie.

“It's time for the minister of the environment to stop these gutter attacks. I hope she now reads the report and starts taking real action on climate change.”