Tom Mulcair to boost manufacturing and innovation for stronger communities


June 16, 2015



TORONTO – Official Opposition Leader Tom Mulcair has shared his vision for a prosperous economy and stronger cities with the Economic Club of Canada. The NDP’s plan to diversify Canada’s economy will help deliver stable, full-time employment that the middle class needs to succeed.   

Canada’s economic performance over the past number of months has created some concern. Business investment and exports are both down, along with a significant dip in Canada’s gross domestic product. More importantly, household debt is at record levels and families are struggling to get ahead.  

“Mr. Harper’s plan just isn’t working. We have to diversify our economy so that it can absorb the shock of falling commodity prices,” said Mulcair. “It starts by taking steps to kick-start advanced manufacturing and innovation in Canada.”  

Manufacturing built Canada’s middle-class, but over the past 25 years successive governments sat on the sidelines while hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs disappeared. The Prime Minister and the federal government must also play key roles in supporting new opportunities and the international success of Canada’s manufacturing sector. 

“Canada must also position itself as an innovative, energy efficient, high tech economy that is a magnet for both global and domestic investment,” added Mulcair. “If Canada is to become a true energy superpower in the 21st century we need 21st century thinking.”  

The NDP has a plan to grow the economy while protecting the environment, which will position Canada for long-term success. An NDP government will also be the long-term federal partner that cities and communities can count on for infrastructure, public transit and for making housing more affordable.  

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