Liberal Government Must Reveal Details Surrounging CSIS Ruling


November 4, 2016 


Today, the NDP is calling on the Federal government to explain its role in the circumstances that led to a Federal court ruling that CSIS has been illegally storing information on untold numbers of ordinary Canadians who pose no threat for over a decade. 

“This is a massive breach of privacy and shows a grave disregard for the rule of law,” said NDP Justice Critic Murray Rankin. “The Liberal government must explain their attempt to hide this abuse of powers from the Court meant to provide oversight.” 

The NDP is pointing to this ruling as clear evidence of the need for strong new oversight of Canada’s security agencies. The Liberals have so far only proposed an after-the-fact review committee that would be significantly censored. 

“We need a watchdog with teeth – and claws; with full, unimpeded access to information and a real-time oversight function,” said Public Safety Critic Matthew Dubé. 

The Federal Court ruling also mentions the new powers under C-51 that expand potential surveillance targets and give CSIS warrantless access to Canadians’ tax records. 

“The Liberals promised to remove the most egregious aspects of C-51. Well it’s now clearer than ever the dangers of that legislation and the need to fully abolish it immediately,” said Dubé. 


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